FOR British Columbia Provincial Political Party

    4BC is the only Party that is FOR BC

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4BC is the VOICE FOR British Columbia

Free Voting:   “Unity is our Strength”

Electing a 4BC Candidate means you want to see your issues brought to light.  Our platform is our current agenda for BC.

We are committed to listening to new issues while maintaining firm in support of the voices of our voters.

We have an outdated electoral system.  You do not need +50% of the votes to claim one's seat. Depending on how many candidates are in the riding, a person can be elected with as few as 30% or even 20%.  This does not sound right to us.  So we will do what no other party does.  We will review each policy in a district where we won with less then 55% of the votes.  

This means when it comes to the final vote in the legislation, you vote the way of your Constituents.  If a candidate has an overwhelming no in their District then they must vote no.

Which Riding to Run In: 

The province is divided up into Electoral Districts.  The 'Political Game' of which riding we have sway and who to put in there, is not what 4BC is about.  The province should not be played like a chess board because the People are not pawns.  4BC Candidates actually live in their Electoral Districts.  Visit the Elections BC website to find out which electoral district you live in.

Vetting of Applicants:

We will not have any paper candidates.  If a deadline is missed for submissions of names for district, it is missed.  To sign up and run in a riding is $2000.00.  You apply, will go through an interview, if accepted get your nomination package in and pay your dues.

Quarterly Town-halls:

Whether elected or not, if you are a candidate in a riding, you still hold quarterly town hall meetings.  We will listen and take issues of the People to our Leaders so they are heard.  Remember, BC has Recall Legislation.  There might be a time where a District can be thrown into a By-Election.  We have to be ready!


We will only accept donations from registered voters of British Columbia.  No Corporations.  No Unions.  No foreign interests.  If you are a registered voter of BC, you can donate to 4BC.

4BC means just that, for British Columbia

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