FOR British Columbia Provincial Political Party

    4BC is the only Party that is FOR BC

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QUESTION 1:  “How will you address the issue of high housing prices and how will you make sure that kids of my generation will be able to afford housing in the future?" (École Cedardale Elementary, West Vancouver)

QUESTION 2:  “What improvements will you make to the current education system?” (Seaquam Secondary, Delta)

QUESTION 3:  “Are you prepared to raise minimum wage to help cover the increase in the cost of living?” (Belmont Senior Secondary, Victoria)

QUESTION 4:  “How will your party strike balance between the crucial ecological and economical needs of our province?” (Westsyde Secondary School, Kamloops)

QUESTION 5:  “What will be your #1 priority if you are elected? What will be the first action you would take as premier?” (Hart Highlands Elementary, Prince George)
We are a free people.  We believe in choices that support all British Columbians.  We believe in YOU.

  • A Full Review & Revision of Financial Assistance Programs,
  • Promote the idea of a Guaranteed Income for BC Citizens and Families,
  • Day Care or STAY CARE - 4BC Believes families should choose if they should stay home with their child.  Funds for 'day care' should be allocated to the family. A parent who has decided to stay home, or, a family relative who would like to, should receive the funds to do so.
  • Make Changes to BC's Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) & The RTB Dispute Resolution Process (DRP) to ensure fair and transparent DRP Hearings, make additions to the RTA, to protect Tenants from 'unconscionable' Landlords with repeated offenses of the RTA, to introduce penalties and bans placed upon offending Landlords.
  • Regulate Residential Rental Properties by coordinating resources between the Residential Tenancy Branch and Municipal Authorities to Enforce Tenancy Act. Regulations.
  • Lower the Age of Majority to 18,
  • Work and Pay Equality,
  • Legalize Private Selling/Growing/Distributing of Marijuana
  • Legalize Smoking Lounges for the Marijuana Industry,
  • Allow smoking in private businesses,
  • Legalize the solicitation of prostitution,
  • Bring forth proper Castle Laws for Residences and Businesses,
  • Bring forth The Right to Work--not required to join a union, or professional association,
  • Look at dismantling supply management for our food distribution by encouraging local/provincial products and consumer choice,
  • Promote BC's "A Curriculum for Change" to encourage new forms of education for Public School Assessment,
  • Begin Discussions with Provincial Education Programs and Post Secondary Institutions to create 'Scholastic Merit Grants' that pay Tuition & Fees for BC Residents attending Post Secondary Studies (University/College, etc.) so achieving a higher education is possible for capable students(of any age) who face financial barriers.

The current political system needs some major upgrades. There is a lack of transparency, lack of information and stagnation of our elected officials:
  • End the stagnation by invoking a two term limit for the Premier, and Cabinet Ministers,
  • No more business/union/charity donations to influence Political Parties--Constituents that donate indicates Constituent support--not 'business ideas.'
  • Political Parties shall keep on record who and what has been donated.  Unless, the individual donating wishes to remain anonymous.
  • Shall release information regarding political party communications with businesses, unions, or charities.

Politicians will be held accountable for their actions:
  • All investigations of government misconduct should be handled by a third party, independent of the department/person in question, without delay; and,
  • Create Rules for Politicians to distinguish between personal communication or official communication.

Certain circles consider the province/federal economy an engine.  BC is no different; however our engine is a little sick and only firing on one cylinder.  4BC’s plan is to:

  • Hidden Taxes brought forward for review,
  • Review all levels of taxation, close the Loopholes for BANKS and CORPORATIONS and ensure they are paying their FAIR SHARE,
  • Privatize BC Liquor Distribution Branch, and BC Lottery Corporation,
  • ICBC Insurance changed to BCDMV and motor vehicle insurance freed,
  • Review of all taxes for businesses/charities/religious organizations,
  • Look at Charities, Non-Profits that accept donations, Unions, Religious and Political Parties releasing all financial documents,
  • Create fair, uncomplicated, license rules for selling / distributing / creating / exporting / importing alcohol, tobacco, e-cigs, and marijuana,
  • Removing the Sin Tax and no more sales tax on private sales of used vehicles